Naples & Amalfi

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” – Sophia Loren

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Eating Adventures

Eating Adventures

There’s no better way of grasping the true sense of a place than through its traditional gastronomy, local customs and daily habits. These leisurely neighborhood tasting passeggiatas and market forays, take food lovers to some of Naples’ most interesting and food-forward neighborhoods. Along the way participants learn about local culinary history while sampling a tasty assortment of what Neapolitans eat everyday.

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Market & Food Exploration in Naples

Explore some of Naples’ most representative and characteristic neighborhoods by embarking on this Market & Food adventure. During this walking exploration, participants learn about the area and the specialty food shops that surround the market, seeing the city while mixing with locals and tasting delectable samples.

Market Foray & Neapolitan Lunch


Our Naples market visit brings food lovers to the lively Pignasecca and Borgo dei Vergini, two of Naples’ most cherished and oldest neighborhood open-air markets. A local food expert accompanies participants, providing an overview of Neapolitan cuisine and its enduring traditions. Along the way there is time to stop and chat with friendly fish vendors, bread bakers and pasta makers tasting their wares.

After the markets, participants visit a private home in the heart of Naples,
 to enjoy a  Neapolitan light lunch. Feast on homestyle bread, fresh mozzarella, olives, local produce, bruschetta and freselle with fresh tomatoes and basil (depending on the season) as well as other regional snacks enjoyed on the terrace if weather permits. The convivial lunch offers the opportunity to enjoy some wines from the Campania region.

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Neighborhood Food Exploration in Naples

Discover and taste typical specialties like sfogliatelle, fried polenta, world-class espresso – and much more – at small, family-run shops in some of Naples’ most authentic food areas during this Neighborhood Food Exploration. A local food specialist shares insider knowledge about regional delicacies, local customs, gastronomic culture plus art, history and off-the-map secrets, while chatting with the locals and tasting some delectable samples along the way.

Centro Storico


Energized by some of Napoli’s most lionized caffe (espresso) and famous treats, such as pasta cresciuta (fried dough), montanara (fried pizza), polenta, gelato and mozzarella cheese, participants have the unique opportunity to explore Neapolitan street food in the heart of the “vertical city”. The fascinating historic center of Naples reflects great eras of the city’s emblematic past, from its 5th century BC Greco-Roman founding to its importance as an 18th century kingdom and up to its modern incarnation.

The city’s intriguing past comes to light in a juxtaposition of its history, art, magnificent architecture, modern design and delicious food. Churches, cloisters, narrow cobbled alleys, underground ruins and an artist’s atelier are all on the itinerary. A Naples visit wouldn’t be complete without perfect slices of famed Neapolitan pizza and a glass of wine in a historic setting.

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Napoli Neighborhood & Pizza Making


The enchanting city of Naples is synonymous with pizza. Visit a vibrant area of the city where a food expert will provide an overview of Neapolitan cuisine and introduce participants to some of the city’s signature delights such as frittura napoletana, mozzarella and taralli. The fun continues at a famous Neapolitan pizzeria where, under the instruction of a professional pizzaiolo, food lovers can roll up their sleeves and try their hand at preparing their very own pizza. Last, but certainly not least, pull up a seat at the table, and tuck in.

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My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante Naples tour

To view the Naples of media-averse and resolutely anonymous Elena Ferrante is to see Naples like a native. The epic “My Brilliant Friend” series of four novels offers a unique view of the fascinating and complicated city. Our custom tailored Elena Ferrante Naples tour leads us away from popular tourist sites and introduces us to Napoli’s social, economic and geographic divisions described in Ferrante’s books.

In the footsteps of Lila and Lenù and other characters portrayed in the novels, we are safely guided by our local expert and city insider through the alleys, piazzas and passageways of both working-class and well-heeled Naples neighborhoods portrayed in the novels.

While weaving in and out of the locations described in the novels, food and literature lovers can snack on some of the foods mentioned in the books: pizza fritta (a disc of fried pizza dough topped with tomato sauce and ricotta), sfogliatella pastries and traditional centopelle (a local dish of offal). This cultural immersion may end with a delicious espresso, or a refreshing gelato, overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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Wine Tasting Adventures

Wine Tasting Adventures

The universe of Italian oenology can be intimidating. The focus of the wine tastings is not strictly didactic but rather encourages the enjoyment of wine while learning through exploration and lightheartedly tackling wine tasting basics with delicious regional snacks. Our wine tasting adventures are customized to suit both the connoisseur looking for a more in-depth tutorial, and the novice approaching Italian wine for the first time.


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Vino 101 in Naples


Each Italian wine region has its own character, and with so many variables, it often can be daunting to choose the best. Our wine tasting adventure, set in one or several Napoli wine bars, allows wine lovers to sip, acquire and discuss the importance of food and wine pairings.

A certified sommelier provides an overview of the history of winemaking and the basics of production – from grape harvest to bottling – highlighting the characteristics of different grape varieties, regions and wine producers. In pairing a selection of wines with appetizers, participants will have a chance to explore those made near Naples like Aglianico dubbed the Barolo of the South and compare them to other Italian wines. By the end of the night, everyone will feel confident describing their ideal wine, selecting it, and tackling an Italian wine list!

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Amalfi Coast Vineyard Visit with Lunch

With wide views of the sea, delightful lemon orchards and fruit trees, we are given the rare cultural experience of being welcomed on an Italian working vineyard, learning the basics of wine tasting, and being introduced to local home-cooked organic cuisine.

Our Amalfi Coast vineyard visit includes a leisurely and informative stroll through a boutique organic vineyard and lemon orchards, amid rows of terraced and lovingly farmed Aglianico and Piedirosso vines. The estate’s rosé and red wine bottles are then opened for us and tasted on a panoramic terrace or in the wine cellar.

Welcomed in the owner’s home and family, we learn the story of the non-commercial organic vineyard and acquire fun, informative tips on local wine and wine tasting.

This moment is followed by an abundant seasonal lunch made from fresh and local ingredients. We dine on the owner’s private terrace, overlooking the blue Mediterranean and the Amalfi Coast. Wine is generously poured throughout the meal, which is followed by dessert, Italian coffee, and traditional liqueurs.

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Cooking in Naples

Cooking in Naples

Italy is a country of regional and seasonal cuisine and the way to discover this is with knowledgeable food experts, professional chefs and seasoned cooks. What makes this culinary experience different is the magnificent setting: imagine a hands-on class held in a private Neapolitan villa, where food lovers are welcomed like family. Menus are seasonal, geared for the home cook and designed to suit all dietary requests. The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial. The class in held in either English or Italian and culminates with a traditional meal.

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Neapolitan Cooking Lesson at Casa Mia


Naples is a city rich in culinary traditions. Our cooking adventure starts with shopping for ingredients at vibrant outdoor food markets, browsing the bountiful stalls that showcase the season’s best, while grasping secrets of Neapolitan cuisine from a local expert.

Food lovers are welcomed into a gorgeous home in the heart of Naples where they learn how to cook simple, yet delicious Neapolitan recipes. The class teaches the necessary techniques to recreate these tasty dishes at home! Recipes depend greatly on season and market availability, but may include paccheri ai pomodorini del piennolo (pasta with local vine ripened tomatoes), seafood sauté and marinated zucchini “alla scapece.”

The class then enjoys the prepared dishes in a convivial, relaxed meal at the cook’s table.

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Amalfi Coast & Sorrento

Amalfi Coast & Sorrento

Many have long waxed poetic about the curvy coastline that runs from Sorrento to Salerno, drawing famous writers and grand travelers to its rocky shores. Italy-lover Goethe called this sliver of southern Italy the “magic land of endless sun where lemons bloom.” In the early 1950s American novelist John Steinbeck charmed by the area, in his musings warned travelers of its infectious properties, begging to keep it secret.
Despite today’s heavy influx of tourists, there still are unexplored parts of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula, where genuinely authentic experiences can be had in peaceful, charming locations. Discover them with us!

Day Trips


Cheese and Lemons

High above the rugged Sorrento coastline, we are given the chance to visit an Italian working organic farm, tasting the products and learning the ancient art of hand-stretched mozzarella cheese.

This full-day experience starts with a leisurely stroll in a historic lemon and orange grove, tasting freshly squeezed lemonade made from the fruit picked off the trees, and savoring homemade marmalades made with the farm’s own organic produce. After a walk through the ancient olive grove, we taste the olive oils produced on the farm and learn to make limoncello from scratch.

The fun continues on board chauffeured Ape Calessino vespas, buzzing through narrow alleys to reach our next destination: an organic cattle farm high in the hills above the sea.

The gorgeous Agerolese breed cows feed on local pastures which are GMO-free and certified organic. After meeting the “girls” in the stable, we proceed to the creamery for a live mozzarella making demo, learning how the morning milk is transformed thanks to an ages-old technique of stretching the curds into fresh homemade “fior di latte” mozzarella. The experience ends with a light lunch at the farm, with products like Provolone del Monaco cheese, fresh ricotta and mozzarella fior di latte, bread with olive oil, dessert and a nice glass of local wine.

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Positano Hike and Picnic in the Sky

Up high above the jewel town of Positano is a magical trail aptly named the “Path of the Gods”. In the company of our expert local guide, and wearing good grippy hiking shoes to navigate the rocks and gravel, we make our way along one of the world’s most beautiful panoramic hikes. We walk along old goat paths and donkey trails used by the mountain people before roads were built (only 20 years ago) to give easier access to the popular coastal areas. The trail connects Agerola to Nocelle, a tiny, relatively isolated mountain village located 400 meters above Positano. Overlooking terraced olive groves and vertical vineyards, with views of the Costiera Amalfitana villages, and white boat wakes in the sea below, the spectacle from up here is nothing short of rewarding, breathtaking and unforgettable.

Safe and secure in the company of our articulate, Positanese historian guide, we hike to off-the-beaten-path places learning about local wildlife and legends. This fascinating scenery is furthermore one of the best places in the world to enjoy a picnic.

We advise bringing water, a hat, and sunblock. We provide the rest: vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh basil, fior di latte, goat cheese and provolone, breads, cured meats, olives, fruit and other fresh seasonal treats, which are packed and enjoyed in a special outlook spot, with only the sound of birds chirping and light winds blowing high above the rocky Amalfi Coast.

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