When visiting a city, connecting with a local can deeply transform your travel experience, making it more exclusive, authentic and original.

Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine offers unique Italy travel experiences. As trustworthy experts in food and wine, we will custom design eating and wine tasting adventures, host cooking classes and much more – making your travel experience in Italy a deliciously unforgettable one.

Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine is an association created by Eleonora and Gina. They are culinary professionals, seasoned home cooks and wine and cheese specialists, who are also great friends. With their love of food, wine and cooking, Eleonora, Gina and the Casa Mia team are committed to sharing their knowledge and passion for Italian culture and way of life in a joyful, convivial way.

Gina Tringali

Born into an Italian-American family, Gina immediately fell in love with all things Italian. Spending countless hours in the kitchens of her mom and Neapolitan and Sicilian grandmothers, – watching, cooking, tasting – she dreamed of living in Italy one day. In 2007, Gina moved to Rome to live her dream. While earning a Master’s degree in the History of Italian Food and Wine and sommelier certification with Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS), she worked as a culinary guide and tourism consultant. Gina then founded GT Food & Travel, a food, wine and custom tour company based in Rome, and obtained the WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits. In her previous life she was part of the business, marketing and development team that spearheaded Tom Colicchio’s ‘wichcraft restaurant expansion. Her writing appears in numerous food and travel publications and on her blog GT Food & Travel.


Eleonora Baldwin

Eleonora is an American-born, Roman-bred food writer and blogger raised in the milieu of cinema, design and cuisine. Coming from several generations of serious Italian home cooks and filmmakers, her passion was fueled over the years in world kitchens, savoring and cooking for colleagues, celebrities, friends and family. Eleonora’s successful career in filmmaking naturally transitioned to journalism and blogging when her son was born in 2006, and her writing has since appeared in several food, travel and lifestyle publications. As a Rome native she is an avid frequenter of both family-run eateries and white tablecloth restaurants alike and a fine scout for the best food vendors in Rome and beyond. She is the author of blog Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino.